Man Claims to Have Found Plastic Balls inside Girlfriend’s Bra That Can Apparently Cause Cancer

These China-made bras are actually advertised as breast-enlarging, and the plastic balls serve as a ‘massager’.

Lingerie can be expensive—bras in particular. After all, the purpose of a bra isn’t just to cover the breasts. It’s also supposed to support, lift, shape, and hold them in place-often for hours at a time. However, no matter how important bras are, women cutting down on expenses tend to buy cheaper bras—which can be a risk to health.


Facebook user Tyrone Escoto found a viral post on the said social media sites, showing bras containing small plastic balls that can apparently cause the user’s breast to become sore with red spots.



To make sure his girlfriend uses safe bras, he went on to check and found that his girlfriend’s bras contained the same plastic balls. To warn others, he posted videos and photos of how he the bra looked like to raise awareness.

But according to a report by thanhnienews, these bras were made in China and are advertised to increase breast size by ‘massaging’ the breasts. They contain small plastic bags of an oily solution advertised as silicone, which has plastic balls supposedly produce a “massage effect” that boosts breast size without plastic surgery, according to labeling found on the products.


Tests from Hanoi found the balls were made from polystyrene composite and do not have any adverse health effects.

But the liquid solution contains mineral seal oil, which can contain pollutants, especially polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons such as the carcinogenic anthracene, benzopyrene, chrysene, coronene, tetracene, phenanthrene, pyrene, pentacene, priphenylene, and ovalene. Dr. Dang Cam Ha from the Vietnam Institute of Biotechnology said the hydrocarbons can be found in many children’s toys, but a large amount of them can cause cancer, typically skin cancer.

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