Foster Dad Takes Care of Terminally Ill Children for 20 Years after Almost Dying from Cancer

Meet Mohamed Bzeek, a cancer survivor who has fostered 80 children over the course of 20 years.

What most people don’t know is that many children are left in hospitals after being diagnosed with terminal diseases. Some of these children are the product of a dysfunctional family and are basically left alone in fighting for their lives.


Mohamed Bzeek, a quiet, devout Libyan-born Muslim, experienced how it was to be all alone to face death. Suffering from colon cancer, Bzeek needed to undergo life-threatening surgery the day before his birthday when he was 62 years old. He knew that the surgery posed a great risk to his life, but it was necessary.


But Bzeek wasn’t scared of dying itself. He was scared that he might die anytime, without anybody beside him. Apparently, his wife had already passed away, and his son was handicapped. He felt scared because he was alone.


After surviving the ordeal, Mohamed Bzeek wanted to be a friend, a dad, and a companion to many terminally ill children who were abandoned or left alone by their families. Knowing how scary it is to die alone, he does not want helpless children to experience that kind of fear.

Currently, Bzeek is taking care of a bedridden 6-year-old foster girl with a rare brain defect. She’s blind and deaf. She has daily seizures. Her arms and legs are paralyzed.

Bzeek said: “I know she can’t hear, can’t see, but I always talk to her,” he said. “I’m always holding her, playing with her, touching her. … She has feelings. She has a soul. She’s a human being.”


The child needs round-the-clock attention, and Bzeek and his team make sure they always attend to her needs. In the course of 20 years, Bzeek has fostered 80 children. He has buried about 10 children. Some died in his arms.


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