This pizza is totally different from all those who have ever tried. It’s about pizza crust in which instead of dough, watermelon is used , and instead of ham, cheese, ketchup and all other attachments, add more fresh fruit peel.
Pizza watermelon seems that “shakes” and Instagram network and simply makes you wanna try it. This version of the Italian specialty is really special, and she herself has multiple versions.

Watermelon pizza 🍉🍕yummyness #fruit #food #pizza #watermelon #vegan

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For example, you can eat raw watermelon pizza, which is made from fresh fruit seasoned with a little whipped cream.

On Instagram network you can find and a million similar proposals, which immediately after you see them, you want to try them. Real treasure of tastes and beauty for the senses.

. 2016.8.4 * #watermelonpizza . . . 🍉🍕 . スイカピザでこんにちは。 やってみたかったんです〜 気になってたんです〜 . でもおっきなスイカ高いし… おこづかいで買いたくないし…(←😂) と言う悩み アメリカが解決してくれましたよ📢笑。 . 日本では2千円は下らないような おっきなスイカ、 $3.99で購入💨 サンキュッパ(398円)的感覚?😂🔨 . 急遽作ったので トッピングのフルーツは あったものをかき集めて、 な感じになっちゃったけど (ひまわりの種発掘✋✨) 作れて食べれて 大満足◎ . . こちら、もう夜です。 寝る前に 今日の発見をちょこっと… . 『アメリカ人は ハンバーガーにケチャップを かけるんじゃなく、 お皿に出して付けながら食べる。』 . (……( д)ハッ!小学生並み語彙力! 出た!!!😂🔨) . . いや、たまたま私が見た 人達の食べ方が 揃いに揃って ケチャップはお皿 な人達だったのか、 それともハンバーガーには ケチャップ挟まってるであろう という私の常識がおかしいのか… (もはや自分の常識が合ってるのか心配になってくる…笑) . そんなスッキリしない発見を置いて 立ち去ります。笑 . .

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And every proposal is a bull’s eye, because the watermelon goes combined with any kind of fruit. And definitely you must admit that this pizza in these hot days is a much better idea of the “common” pizza.


You can enjoy the grill versions that are prepared such that watermelons are grilled to get that crunchy taste of classic pizza. And then, on the grilled sweet crust add coconut cream, mint leaves, and pistachios, and this pizza is excellent in combination of salty-sweet taste.

Pizza for Lunch! Grilled Watermelon Pizza with Coconut Whip, Salted Pistachios and Mint! #pizzaforlunch

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The grilled version you can prepare it in a variety of ways.

Does this resemble the classic pizza for you? At first glance it might deceive you, and the taste will easily convince you that the story of these pizza’s does not end with salty dishes.

But if you’re a fan of all unusual specialties, try the version with onion, cheese and bacon …

Lastly, no matter what version you choose, know that today is the perfect day for pizza watermelon!

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